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Tiberian Alternative is a mod primarily focused around a sprawling single-player campaign. TibAlt follows the events of Red Alert Alternative, which posed a hypothetical bridge between Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn following the Soviet victory path of Red Alert, wherein rebel forces reborn as the Allies are coopted by Kane and subsumed into the Brotherhood of Nod, while the Soviet Union plays a major role in establishing the anti-Nod European Defense Initiative, a precursor to GDI.

Continuing this alternative retelling, Tiberian Alternative reimagines the events of the Tiberium saga. Although beginning quite similarly to the events of Tiberian Dawn, TibAlt eventually diverges quite drastically from the canon story, taking events in a markedly different direction from the official C&C 3 and 4.

Tiberian Alternative is divided into three acts totaling 34 missions. Act One is a retelling of the events of Tiberian Dawn with some divergent elements and a few aspects of Tiberian Sun sprinkled in. Act Two steers the events of Tiberian Sun in a new direction as Earth comes under the rule of the totalitarian Tiberium Oversight Agency. In the third and final act (not yet released, currently in development), a completely divergent retelling of Tiberian Twilight, Kane's secret purpose for Nod unfolds, and the Scrin appear in a far more fearsome and alien incarnation than their canon form.

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