Tiberian Alternative Part One Available!

Posted July 26, 2023

Part One of Tiberian Alternative is now available for download! Enjoy 18 challenging missions of intense and varied action in this alternative retelling of the classic Tiberium saga!

Tiberian Alternative Coming Soon

Posted July 21, 2023

It's been a long time indeed (almost two years), but after the warm reception of Red Alert Alternative, I am now developing the sequel, Tiberian Alternative! The sequel is built on OpenRA which enables a more ambitious vision than Red Alert Alternative, including over a dozen new units, tiles and structures enabling urban environments, and a variety of Tiberium flora and fauna. I hope C&C fans enjoy this sprawling campaign exploring an alternative retelling of the Tiberium saga!

Part One of Tiberian Alternative is currently undergoing internal playtesting and will be publicly released as soon as the testing cycle is complete!

Let's Play of Red Alert Alternative

Posted November 22, 2021

Fabled sarcastic Brit Youtuber Artega Omega has started a Let's Play of Red Alert Alternative. It's amazing, check it out!

Red Alert Alternative Now Available!

Posted October 2, 2021

My ultimate custom campaign for the original C&C Red Alert, Red Alert Alternative, is now available for download!