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Personal Projects

Xist16 Logo

Xist16 is an open-source graphics library (with a few other useful things thrown in like some user input convenience functions and a pseudorandom number generator) I've written for the Commander X16 modern-retro computer to expedite the development of CX16 programs (games, primarily) in C using the cc65 compiler.

Due to the nature of programming on the 1980s-era C6502 CPU, Xist16 has some peculiar coding conventions for optimization purposes, such as using global variables instead of function parameters for performance-critical functions because the C6502 doesn't have a hardware call stack, which means the compiler has to do software emulation of function calls with parameters, which is very slow.


Darkness Never Dies is a closed-source first-person dungeon crawler engine I've written using Java. The engine itself is 99% complete and I created a fully-fledged demo dungeon as a proof of concept. This project has been on hiatus for a while, but is illustrative of the kinds of games I develop as a hobby.


Messenger Cover Berserker Cover

Messenger and Berserker comprise a duology of sci-fi novels I wrote years ago. I've been meaning to get back into creative writing, but have been prioritizing other, more gaming-oriented creative projects.


Vanquish Vanguard Logo

Vanquish Vanguard is a tabletop RPG system I've been developing for a few years. It is currently in its third (internal) iteration, undergoing major playtesting, and will likely be ready for publication within a year.